Step 5 - Recommended Reading

Step 5: Recommended Reading
The Internet is awash with articles on Property and House buying tips and comment.
We will pick out the best pieces of advice, insight and recommended Property related reading for you to digest and make use of when you are trying to make that all-important decision.
So take a look at some of these great resources that we will update on a regular basis.
"Selling A House in 2013"
"What Are People Doing Now That is no more?"
A Thread From Property Tribes
"What The Portals Won't Tell You"
A Thread From Property Tribes
"Property Acronyms"
A Document from BMV Property Facebook Group
"Home Truths Blog"
A Blog that focuses on Home sytyling
"Grumpy Old Landlord Blog"
A great blog that focuses on all things property
"House Price Crash Website"
A Website chockablock full of Property News, Views and Statistics
"The Green Deal Mythbuster"
A great guide from Money Saving Expert on the Green Deal