Step 4 - Ask Questions

Step 4: Ask Questions
Where do you go when you want to ask property questions?
There is a mass of property knowledge available at your fingertips that you can tap into 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.
The knowledge is contained with some of the best online property communities and forums out there.
We have compiled the best ones we know of to help you get that question answered(sometimes within minutes of posting it!)
Take a look, get yourself registered and ask that all-important question to complete your full circle of due diligence.
1. Property Tribes, a place where property people gather. 

The UK's largest community of Property Investors and Landlords gather to discuss property every day of every week. 

If you want to ask a question or learn a golden nugget of Property Information come here.
2. The Below Market Value Facebook group is a community of Property investors who hold a massive amount of Property knowledge covering all sorts of Property topics. 

It truly is the UK's largest Facebook-based online property community. Take a look.
3. is an online property resource for landlords in the Private Rental Sector. 

A place for property professionals to share their own experiences and learn from the experience of others in their industry.
4. Money Saving Expert has a great House Buying, Renting and Selling Forum that is extremely active with a thriving community.
5. The Pimlico Flats Forum is a very active lively forum used by property professionals. 

So much information is already available in this great property knowledge forum, just do a search on your question to see what you can uncover.